Which Departments are Running a UAS Module?

184 departments from 58 universities across the UK and Ireland have committed to run UAS modules. This has grown from a pilot scheme in 2002/3 involving 4 departments in 3 universities.

  • University of Bath
    Department of Chemistry
    Department of European Studies and Modern Languages
  • University of Birmingham
    School of Biosciences                                                                                                 Chemistry
    School of Computer Science
    School of Engineering
    School of Physics and Astronomy
  • University of Bradford
    Division of Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Science
    Division of Chemical and Forensic Sciences
    School of Computing, Informatics and Media
    Department of Creative Technology
    School of Management
  • University College Dublin
    Actuarial Science
    Economics and Finance                                                                                        Engineering
    Mathematical Sciences
  • Durham University
    Department of Biosciences
    Department of Chemistry                                                                                         Department of Computer Sciences
    Department of Earth Sciences                                                                             Department of Engineering
    Department of Mathematics
    Department of Physics
    Department of Psychology
  • University of Greenwich
    Creative Digital Technologies
    Computer Science
    Creative professions & Digital Arts
    Mathematical Sciences
    Smart Systems Technologies
  • University of Hull
    Biological Sciences
    Department of Computer Science
  • University of Leeds
    School of Earth Sciences
    School of Physics and Astronomy
    School of Sport and Physical Activity
  • Loughborough University
    Computer Science                                                                                                    Human Sciences

Division of Animal Sciences
Division of Food Sciences
Division of Plant and Crop Sciences
Division of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Division of Nutritional Science

School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies

Department of German Studies
Department of French and Francophone Studies
Department of Russian & Slavonic Studies
Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies

School of Mathematical Sciences
School of Physics & Astronomy

  • Nottingham Trent University
    School of Biomedical and Natural Sciences
    School of Computing and Informatics
    Sports Science
  • NUI Galway
    School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics
  • University of Plymouth
    School of Computing, Communications and Electronics
    School of Mathematics and Statistics
  • University of Portsmouth
    Department of Mathematics                                                                    School of Computing
  • University of Sheffield
    Department of Animal and Plant Sciences
    Computer Science
    School of Mathematics
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • University of Southampton
    Archaeology                                                                                                               Art                                                                                                                                       Biology
    Computer Science                                                                                                   Economics                                                                                                                         English
    Engineering Science
    Environmental Science                                                                                French
    German                                                                                                                                 History                                                                                                                                  Italian
    Marine Biology                                                                                                                 Mathematics                                                                                                     
    Psychology                                                                                                              Spanish
  • University of St Andrews
    Computer Science
    School of Divinity                                                                                                 School of English
    Geography & Geosciences
    School of History
    School of International Relations
    School of Modern Languages
    School of Philosophy
    School of Social Anthropology
  • University of Surrey
    School of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences                                           Chemistry
    School of English and Languages

    English Literature
    Modern Foreign Languages


  • University of Sussex                                                                                                      English

Inspiring Education and Communication