What is the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme?

    • A classroom-based module for learning key skills run by science, technology, engineering and maths departments. The key skills gained include: communication, presentation, team-working, active listening, time management and prioritisation.
    • You spend 3-4 hours per week in the classroom over a period of around ten weeks working with one teacher but probably a range of different classes.
    • Before entering the classroom, you receive training and in-depth materials to focus your learning and to prepare you for working in a school.
    • You keep a journal of what you do and give a presentation on your experiences, both of which may form part of your assessment for this module. This counts towards your degree like any other module.

What do I get out of it?

    • Increased key transferable skills which will enhance employability and confidence.
    • Academic credit that counts towards your degree and will offer the chance to develop new skills.
    • Classroom experience if you are considering teaching as a potential career.

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