What Will I Be Expected To Do?

Before the module commences:

  • to meet or speak over the telephone with the university module co-ordinator to briefly discuss ways in which you can make most effective use of the undergraduate and help them to achieve their objectives
  • to meet with the undergraduate prior to the start of their placement to discuss their aims and objectives, their role and what will be expected of them, and to outline the areas of teaching to be covered.
  • to agree with the undergraduate a suitable time for their weekly visit.

During the module:

  • to be a source of guidance and advice to the undergraduate, and to provide some level of briefing to the undergraduate about each forthcoming lesson, eg. five minutes at the end of the preceding lesson or in a phone call the day before and to provide feedback on the work done in class by the undergraduate.

After the module:

  • to complete a brief assessment of the undergraduate’s performance and progress during the term which will contribute towards their final mark for the module. This usually takes the form of a brief ‘tick-box’ form.

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