What are the Students Expected to do in the Classroom

During the module, the undergraduate will be involved in the following broad areas of learning and tutoring:

Classroom observation and assistance: Initial contact with the teacher and pupils as a classroom assistant, watching how the teacher handles the class, the lesson structure, the level of science taught and offering practical support to the teacher in the ‘lab’.

Teaching assistance: The teacher assigns the undergraduate actual teaching tasks which vary depending on specific needs and the undergraduate’s own ability as it develops over the term. This could include offering problem-solving coaching to a small group of higher ability pupils or taking the last ten minutes of the lesson for the whole class.

Special projects: The undergraduate devises a special project on the basis of discussion with the teacher and their own assessment of what will interest the particular pupils they are working with.

Extra-curricula projects: The undergraduate may be supervised by the teacher in helping to run an out-of-timetable activity such as a lunchtime science club, special coaching periods for higher ability pupils or a trip to their university department.

Inspiring Education and Communication