UAS Newsletter – September 2012

UAS Newsletter – September 2012

Dear Colleague

I would like to take this opportunity to re-establish communications with our colleagues and contacts past and present and update you on one or two matters. UAS now has a new website host but we can still be found at as before. My UAS is still available on the website but a new username and password is required to access and download the information stored there. If you would like a new username and password please do not hesitate to request one by email. My UAS contains all the information required to implement a UAS module e.g., course descriptors, letters to recruit schools/teachers, example undergraduate handbook, training information for students, assessment criteria and mark sheets etc. The main UAS information is called “UAS Documentation” but the area also contains many examples in use at other universities running a UAS module. These have been kindly provided by current module leaders to help new departments get the scheme up and running with the minimal amount of time and effort! Specifically, UAS provides guidance documents on the following areas:

  1. Recruitment, Training and Placement of Undergraduates
  2. Recruitment of Teachers and working with schools
  3. Assessment and Evaluation of the UAS module

UAS 10th Anniversary Year

2012 is the 10th Anniversary year of the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme. Over the last decade we have seen UAS grow from a small pilot of 4 departments and 28 undergraduates into a scheme sending over 1000 undergraduates per year into universities throughout the UK and Ireland. To date, a total of around 6000 UAS undergraduates have participated in the scheme. UAS undergraduates go out into partner schools to inspire youngsters and get a taste of teaching whilst gaining key transferable skills which will be invaluable in their future careers. Many of these undergraduates subsequently enter the teaching profession. Undergraduate Ambassadors Ltd (UAL), the company running UAS, has much to be proud of and we are pleased to announce that we have just received a small grant which will guarantee our future until at least August 2014.

Help with the UAS Mission

As part of our 10th year celebration, we would like to invite you to help us with our recruitment mission. It is very difficult for us to find out who is the right person to contact in a given department and you may have this local knowledge. So if you run a UAS module in an institution which has a STEM department or any other suitable department not currently running UAS, then perhaps you would be prepared to help us and contact someone appropriate in that department and tell them something of the advantages in running the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme. Alternatively, if you are not yet involved in UAS but have involvement in a department that could benefit from UAS then we would like to invite you to give serious consideration to joining the scheme and get in touch for further details. Anyone interested should please contact for further information.

I end this newsletter by thanking Simon Singh for the original idea of UAS and for supporting UAL throughout its ten year existence.

I hope you have found the information provided in this newsletter of interest. For further information about UAS, or if you have any information to contribute for the next newsletter please contact me Brian Lockwood, National Manager, UAS at

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