UAS Newsletter – March 2009

UAS Newsletter – March 2009

Dear Colleague

Welcome to the UAS Newsletter.

UAS continues to grow and we are now getting very close to the day when over 1000 students per year will be going into schools on UAS modules. It isn’t long ago that we announced our 100th UAS department, and now we have 127 departments signed up with several more expected in the very near future. For a full list of the 127 UAS departments please click here

Help with Future Funding

Despite our great success UAS is currently undergoing financial difficulty. We operate on a not-for-profit basis and much of our funding goes to help new departments establish and embed the UAS module in the curriculum. We are keen to continue the spread of UAS, but we urgently need to secure more funding to enable us to maintain our present level of recruitment and continue supporting new and existing departments at the level to which they are accustomed.

If anyone knows of a particular funding organisation that may be willing to support us to continue our work please let us know as soon as possible. Your help and support would be very much appreciated.

Joint UAS / Royal Society of Chemistry – Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Section (RSC-BMCS) initiative update

We have recently completed a 2 year joint initiative with RSC-BMCS to increase the number of chemistry departments offering a UAS module within their degree curriculum. The initiative proved to be a great success, and can be measured in part by the increase in number from 9 to18 chemistry departments now offering the UAS module within their degree curriculum, but also by the increase in students taking part since the initiative began. Prior to the BMCS initiative 44 students were involved in UAS in 2006/7. This increased to 75 students in 2007/8, and further increased to 106 chemistry students in 2008/9 representing an overall increase by a factor of about 2.5 with additional students and new departments expected to be joining in 2009/10.

Ogden Trust Funding

We are pleased to remind colleagues that that the Ogden Trust has recently awarded UAS funding over 2 years to support the uptake of UAS by physics departments in the UK. At the start of the initiative 13 physics departments were involved on UAS modules out of a total of about 50 departments in the UK. We have already recruited 4 new departments and others have indicated that they are planning to run new modules in 2009/10. The funding is mostly directed at providing pump priming support of £1,000 a year over the first 2 years (£2000 in total) of a new UAS physics module. Please contact Brian Lockwood, UAS National Manager for further information.

GEES survey on the impact of UAS

GEES are supporting a small scale survey that will begin the process of gathering evidence about the impact of UAS on Schools and Colleges, the pupils and the UAS students. The survey will focus on GeoScience, with the research team from the University of Southampton and the HEA Subject Centre for Geography, Earth and Environmental Science (GEES) using questionnaires and interviews. The team is seeking one or two Institutions who have UAS GeoScience students and who are enthusiastic about being part of this work

If you are interested, please contact either:

Dr Jim R Andrews
Senior Advisor, Earth Sciences, GEES
School of Ocean and Earth Science
University of Southampton
023 8059 2009


Joy Moloney
Learning and Teaching Coordinator
Faculty of Engineering, Science and Mathematics
University of Southampton
023 8059 2001

Help with the UAS Mission

If you run a UAS module in an institution which has a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) department (or, indeed, any other suitable discipline) not currently running UAS, then perhaps you would be prepared to contact someone appropriate in that department and tell them something of the advantages in running the scheme. If they are interested then please put them in contact with Brian Lockwood on for further information.

We hope you have found the information provided in this newsletter of interest. For further information about UAS, or if you have any information to contribute for the next newsletter please contact or or please visit our website at

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