Why was UAS set up?

Why was UAS set up?

UAS was born out of a concern over teacher shortages in science, technology and mathematics and the falling numbers of university applicants to these subjects. The idea behind UAS was that all participants should benefit in the following ways:

UNDERGRADUATES would gain important, marketable and transferable skills valued by graduate employers. Through the process of teaching pupils in the classroom they would learn how to communicate their subject as well as consolidating and improving their own subject knowledge.Those interested in teaching as a potential career would have the opportunity to ‘test the water’ and to gain valuable experience to support any future teacher training applications.

TEACHERS would get support from someone knowledgeable and enthusiastic about science, technology or mathematics whom they would be able to direct in the classroom depending upon where support was needed i.e. individual work with brighter or struggling pupils, setting up practicals, running science clubs.

PUPILS would get individual attention and assistance in the classroom from someone near their age who would act as a role model and who was passionate and knowledgeable about their subject.

UNIVERSITIES would benefit long term from developing links with local schools and the possible boost in applicants to their science, technology, engineering and mathematics degrees.

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