What’s been the impact of UAS?

What’s been the impact of UAS?

The scheme started in 2002 with 28 undergraduates in 4 university departments and it has continued to grow ever since.

The growth of UAS continues: Since the launch, 188 departments from 58 universities have committed to running UAS with around 1200 undergraduates expected to be taking part this year.                 (Figures last updated July 2019)

By the end of this academic year a cumulative total of over 12,000 undergraduates will have been into school classrooms throughout the UK and Ireland since UAS was first launched.

The scheme started in Maths and Physics departments but has now spread to other subject areas such as Biology, Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Food Sciences, Geography, Geology, Modern Languages, Music, Oceanography, Psychology, Plant Sciences and Sports Sciences.

Undergraduates are working in many schools nationwide with a wide range of age groups, from reception pupils through to mature students.

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