About UAS

The Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme provides university departments with a framework for a classroom based degree module awarding academic credit to science, technology, engineering and mathematics undergraduates working with teachers in local schools. The module allows undergraduates to gain valuable transferable skills whilst exploring the teaching profession first hand. It also provides teachers with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic assistant who is able to offer practical help and engage pupils in science and mathematics.

We are grateful to the charity Good Thinking for their grant to cover our ongoing costs. Good Thinking was founded by Simon Singh, who co-founded the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme. You can find out more about Good Thinking and support  them by visiting their website.

UAS is operated on a not-for-profit basis by a company limited by guarantee, Undergraduate Ambassadors Limited. We are an independent organisation.

The address for all contacts is:

Brian Lockwood,
5 Meadway
N Yorkshire
Tel / Fax: 07368351452
Email: Brian.Lockwood@uas.ac.uk

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